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If networking to the power of you is a new concept, meet the mathematical equation Nu. That’s networking (N) to the power of you (u). This may be a “nu” concept for some, but behind every great business is a great networker.

I used to run around naked. Yes, granted, I was three, but damn did I get a head start on my networking career. People love a kid running around naked. In recent years my nude jogging has been on a steep decline. When I’m 47 and running around naked, I’ll just look crazy.

Opportunities presented to you are a matter of how your community views you, and networking for me has been a huge component of my success. To expand, if people know you’re a rock star, your community will eat, talk and breathe music with you. Now sub music for what you’re up to. People probably relate to you as a student, milk it.

For confidentiality reasons I won’t share who I’ve spoken to through cold calling, but you would be surprised. Pull the “student card.” The presidents of major companies, are on the phone with me. Google their email, tell them what you want to contribute and most importantly ask for a meeting. If you don’t ask you aren’t getting anything.

Try thinking that everything you hate about people has everything to do with you, and nothing to do with them. In other words, you caused it. If someone doesn’t call me back, what did I do wrong? When you’re about blame someone else, that’s your cue to look at yourself.

Don’t be afraid to bring yourself to the table. I’ve always tried covering myself up with companies and hot girlfriends. It was only after breaking up with my ex-girlfriend that she wanted me to spend some time on me. Next thing I know, people in all areas of my life were ready, willing and able to share themselves in a way that contributes to me loving me — without the need of having my identity build on what I’ve done. I can just bring myself, without proving myself, to the table.

This is what you need to network to the power of you. To network you need to be someone who is open to people. Someone who is straight talking and has integrity.

Live life, have fun and network. This week’s homework: Talk to five people you’re scared to. If you have any questions about running your own business or have feedback for Evan, send an email to ekosiner@ryerson.ca

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