Rye wants to take care of your ass

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Ryerson could be upgrading its bathrooms not through renovations, but with toilet paper.

The university’s stalls are currently stocked with one-ply toilet paper, but now Ryerson is looking for a new toilet paper provider.

The university currently uses between 2,000 and 2,500 cases of rolls of one-ply but it’s asking for estimates for two- and one-ply jumbo rolls for the future.

“I believe in quality in everything we do,” said Ryerson president Sheldon Levy when asked whether he preferred one-ply or two.

Fourth-year student Ashley Mathew said she wonders about the environmental impact of potentially switching to two-ply. Ryerson requires the toilet papers to contain 25 per cent recycled materials.

“I don’t know much about toilet paper but I’m assuming it requires more paper,” Mathew said.

Mathew said she wonders whether the cost is covered by the university or from “students’ back pockets,” and whether the potential switch would be worth it.

“Honestly, when I go to the bathroom it just serves the need it needs to,” Mathew said.

Whether Ryerson changes toilet paper doesn’t change Craig Fordy’s bathroom experience at Ryerson.

“I’m not a fan of public washrooms,” said Fordy, a second-year industrial enginering student.

He said he’s never had to use toilet paper at Ryerson but if he did, two-ply would probably be better.

“It would be a lot more comfortable.”

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