Rye subway entrance all talk

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By Brad Whitehouse
Associate News Editor

In 1998, the Eyeopener reported the possibility of a Gould Street subway entrance to the Dundas station. Over a decade later, the entrance still doesn’t exist.

“They need to get a move on,” said Lauren Akbar, a fourth-year child and youth care student.

“Less talk, more action.”

With the Empress Hotel building in shambles, Ryerson University President Sheldon Levy thinks this could be the opportunity needed to push the project through.

“The platform ends right under the hotel. We think that would be a great location for the subway,” Levy said

This option would be lighter on Ryerson’s wallet than digging out a path under Gould Street.

“Bringing it over to the Student Learning Centre is a huge job because of all the stuff that’s under the street to tunnel.”

But it is unclear whether the property is for sale and not all students are sure they need another subway entrance.

Azar Massumi, a third-year social work student says that the Yonge and Dundas station is close enough. Massumi says it’s unnecessary, especially given the costs and all of the construction, unless it improves accessibility.

Other students said they liked the idea, but didn’t think there was any rush.

”I think it would be sweet, but I think we have bigger priorities,” said Julia Hendrickson, a first-year film student.

Photo: Lin Nguyen

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