Briefs and Groaners: The Big One

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A roundup of some of the shadier — and just plain odd — things that happen around Ryerson’s downtown campus.

We, the news team, have been warning all of you for weeks now to never leave your shit unattended on campus. Especially in a place as vast, scary and public as the library. Well on March 5, yet another laptop was stolen.

But this one was different.

This time, students took the fucker down.

Gloria Antwi, a fourth-year criminal justice student was studying in the library with her boyfriend. They were working on their laptops on floor 10 of the building.

Antwi’s boyfriend went to pick groceries, leaving his laptop behind for Antwi to watch. When he called to double check an item on the list, Antwi got up from her seat to answer the call. She said she was gone for no more than a minute.

When she got back to her cubicle, his laptop was gone.

But there was a man standing to the side, and Antwi remembered he had been staring at her about 20 minutes before.

She asked him if he had taken the computer.

He started to quickly walk away, and Antwi screamed that he had taken her laptop.

Antwi said at least five people got up to corner the man, and that he denied taking the computer at first, but then took it out of his bag and tried to leave.

The students wouldn’t let him leave, and when he tried, Antwi said they forced him to the ground and held him there until security arrived.

They informed him they were making a citizen’s arrest.

Security arrived and took the man and later handed him over to the police.

“Even though it was a bad experience, in the sense that Ryerson is a community, it was a good experience,” Antwi said.

Haroon Chaudhry, 22, was charged with two counts of theft, one count of possession of property obtained by crime and one count of fraud.


  1. Hell ya . 🙂 Let this be a lesson to other budding and aspiring lowlifes , criminals and other forms of scum. When you take on hard working students and try steal our stuff, we will catch you and turn you into the law faster that a politician breaking an election promise after election day. Great work students and Security Team 🙂

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