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IMA delays cost extra $12 million

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By Rebecca Burton
News Editor

A delay of more than a year isn’t just pushing back students’ move into the Image Arts building but has cost the university millions.

Documents acquired by the Eyeopener revealed that the original contract with PCL Construction was set at a total price of $28,104, 500.

By Sept. 1, 2011, the total number of additions and deductions reached $12,820,989, bringing the total revised contract price to $40,925,697.

This accounts for the majority of the $70.95 million budget set for the total project.

“There are a bunch of different pieces that contribute to the overall project cost,” said Julia Hanigsberg, vice-president administration and finance.

“The overall project cost goes up over time,” she said.

Hanigsberg attributed these costs to delays with the project from unforeseen problems. Problems included the heating and cooling system failure in the old building and the asbestos found throughout the existing building.

“There is not one particular piece of the project making the cost go up in price,” she said.

Hanigsberg said there would be no additional costs for the work to be done in the coming months yet was unable to give a total construction budget as of November.

PCL construction will continue to work on the project to finish the gallery.

In addition they will be responsible for any deficiences found in the coming months.

“There is a long period after the building looks completed where the obligation of the builder remains. It might not even be seen in the first six weeks. Even if it’s not visible they still have a responsibility,” said President Sheldon Levy.



  1. It is unfortunate for their business but the items listed are often in that famed category of unforeseen conditions. Usually for abatements they test portions of the building and can sometimes miss areas with asbestos or hazardous materials. At least the owner is sticking with them.

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