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A roundup of some of the shadier — and just plain odd — things that happen around Ryerson’s downtown campus

Two students who share a locker reported that it had been broken into after they noticed that two chocolate bars and a few cans of Coke had gone missing. Security was called to the scene and noticed that the students’ eyes were bloodshot and that they couldn’t stop laughing when asked where the food might have gone.

Security received a complaint about two RUTV reporters taking photos and interviewing people coming and going from the Victoria Street parking garage about the Gould street closure. God damn journalism students… get a real job.

An individual twisted their ankle off property and requested that security give her an assesment on it. She then refused EMS multiple times, and walked to the hospital on her own like a god damn champ.

A student reported to security that they were approached by two females in the lower ground of the engineering building. They appeared to be non-community members who stated they had just gotten out of jail and wanted to go drinking. If you’re an engineering student and two girls ask you to buy them drinks, just say yes.

Secuity found a non-community member sleeping in Sally Horsfall last Wednesday. When they appraoched the man, he pulled out a pair of large black scissors from a shopping bag that were quickly confiscated. Security never let the man finish asking them if they wanted to help him with his art project.

A student reported that his MacBook Pro was stolen after he left in unattended in a residence cafeteria. It’s hard to feel bad for this person especially when we have a shortage of computer here at the Eyeopener. Take better care of your shit or we’ll steal your next one too.

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