Maggie’s closed until spring

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By Jeremy Lin

Despite expectations, Maggie’s Eatery, the first floor classrooms in the International Living and Learning Centre’s (ILLC) and its underground parking garage remain closed after damage sustained during flood that occurred on Nov. 2.

According to Chad Nuttall, Manager of Student Housing Services, the cleanup and repair of the building has been a multi-phase process.

“Besides the initial clean up, we have had to go through a tearing out phase where [work crews] literally cut out all parts of the building that had been water damaged or could possibly result in mould growth,” he said.

“This has also been an opportunity during the rebuilding [of Maggie’s Eatery] to fix things that weren’t working before the flood.”

Nuttall stressed that because of the nature of the water damage, the process of cleaning and re-building is one that takes time.

A disconnected main sewer line on Mutual Street backed up ILLC’s waterline and spilled substantial amounts of sewage and water into the first floor as well as the parking garage below the building.

Residents, however, are frustrated with the loss of their cafeteria.

“It’s very annoying having to go to Pitman Hall to get food, even if I just want to grab a water bottle or something quick in the morning,” said Olivia Pezzente, a first-year student and resident of ILLC. “The cafeterias are also very different, I preferred Maggie’s because of its healthy choices.”

Some residents also feel that the value of their residence has been compromised as a result of the flood.

“It pisses me off that it’s closed,” said Maxime Houde-Shulman, a resident of ILLC. “I thought it would have only been for the start of this semester. If I knew I wasn’t going to have a cafeteria [in my residence], I would have lived in Pitman Hall.”

The damage to ILLC was extensive enough to warrant an insurance claim that is estimated to be over $500,000 according to Julia Hanigsberg, VP Administration and Finance. Nuttall estimates that at the current rate, Maggie’s Eatery will resume full operations by the spring.


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