Current RSU President Caitlin Smith with candidate Rodney Diverlus as votes were counted Wednesday night. Photo: Lindsay Boeckl

Students United Sweeps RSU Elections

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For the second year in a row, the Students United slate completed a clean sweep of the Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) election last night, winning all five of the union’s executive spots.

Rodney Diverlus will be the RSU’s next president, having won with a total of 1,974 votes. Diverlus garnered 1,400 more votes than runner-ups Suraj Singh and Mark Single, who received 423 and 277 votes respectively. Melissa Palermo will return to her current position as vice-president education after getting 2,235 votes, while newcomers Andrew McAllister (VP Operations), Marwa Hamad (VP Equity) and Ifaz Iqbal (VP Student Life and Events) all gathered more than 2000 votes of confidence.

Singh, who is also The Eyeopener’s fun editor, was disqualified from the election early Wednesday morning for allegedly publishing ads in the Feb. 8 edition of The Eyeopener that were not pre-approved by the Chief Returning Officer (CRO) and exceeded his $300 campaign budget. Singh, who was also fined $50, submitted an appeal with Daniel Lo, the CRO, last night and a verdict on the issue should come as early as Wednesday evening. Despite the disqualification, all of Singh’s votes were counted.

In addition to winning all of the executive positions, Students’ United took all but one of the faculty positions, with one faculty of arts spot going to an independent candidate.

Despite their dominance throughout the election, Students United candidates lost to U R Vision for all of the Graduate Executive Committee spots.


  1. Shocking, utterly shocking … NOT . At least the Graduate Executive will not be run like the communist party.

  2. another illegitimate election. What was voter turnout? 1%? 2%? And these punks get to make rules on behalf of 25,000+… lulz what a joke.

  3. ” … Second year? Don’t you mean this is the tenth year that the CFS slate won? … ” ……. Wait a second, are you suggesting Rob, that the CFS (slate) ( or is the communist party, cannot really tell the difference ) is required to be able to count, as well as screw students over? Are you not asking just a little too much from a dictatorship?

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