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As the school year comes to an end, the News Team gives you the heads up on a few developing stories as we approach the dog days of summer

New programs coming to Rye

With government funding in jeopardy after 2015, Ryerson is pushing a full slate of new programs through the Board of Governors (BOG) and the Senate. As of now, students’ tuition fees pay for approximately 45 per cent of their program’s funding. The other 55 per cent is provided by government funds and the uncertainty is when those funds will expire. New programs such as environmental and urban sustainability and history will be offered in the fall of 2012, while accounting and finance, philosophy and creative industries are all expected to be offered in 2013. Most recently, the BOG has approved the creation of an undergraduate professional communication program pending the Senate’s approval, which should be deteremined during the summer months. Other programs that have been proposed include bachelor degrees in real estate management, biomedical sciences and financial mathematics and the recently announced Digital Specialization Program which will be offered in collaboration with the Digital Media Zone (DMZ) and will be first offered in May 2012. With a number of new buildings on the way, it will be interesting to watch and see whether or not the university will commision the creation of other.

MLG open date set for fall

After a number of delays and a few different name changes, Ryerson’s new athletics facility is finally nearing completion. Students will finally be able to step foot in the Mattamy Athletic Centre at the Gardens this fall. With the construction now set to be completed in June, Ryerson is expected to hold two grand openings: one for the media in July and one for the student body in September. As of yet, no specific plans have been made. Heralded as a key component to creating a true campus community, it will be interesting to see how students react to their new $60-million gym and whether or not it will be able to get fans to games.

Radio Ryerson awaiting hearings

Jacky Tuinstra-Harrison, president of Radio Ryerson and the manager of the application process, has filed hundreds of letters of support for their quest to obtain the 88.1 FM frequency. Public hearings will begin in May and there are currently 20 commercial applicants, including a francophone radio station, hoping to swap frequencies. The decision of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) to grant the license will hopefully be made by summer, but they aren’t really under any pressure. Once they begin hearings they wont stop until they feel that they have enough information to make their final call.

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