Ryerson reddit revisited

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By Imtiaz Miah

Good Guy Greg, rage comics, IAmA. If you’re familiar with these terms, chances are you visit reddit. com. Reddit is an online social news aggregator, where users vote and comment on content that appears on the front page whether it’s pictures, articles, or self posts.

Another aspect of Reddit are Subreddits pages that hold specifi c content that users can subscribe to.

These range from topics as generic as gaming (r/gaming), to as obscure as fort building (r/forts). A little over a year ago, at (r/Ryerson), the Ryerson subreddit was born.

The majority of topics consists of program specifi c FAQs and the occasional meme. If you fi lter through these posts though, you may fi nd some interesting threads, including the following:


It started with one student urging other students to fi nd an envelope containing a monetary reward which was hidden on campus during the Winter 2012 reading week, leaving only pictures on the Subreddit as clues. The treasure, which ended up being a thousand tenge (Kazakhstan currency), was found by another Redditor but not before several others gave up on fi nding it.

A series of other hidden treasures followed. Though inactive now, any student can re-energize the idea by picking up the thread.

Anonymous Discussions

Because of the way Reddit works, it is easy to remain anonymous and make an unfi ltered post as opposed to something on a Facebook group, which usually has a profi le picture attached to a user’s post.

Reddit user zidane33 recently made a thread protesting how his professor had copied content from Wikipedia on his slides. When another user asked for the professors’ name so students could know who it was, zidane33 replied “Kirk Bailey”.

College Day Meetup

Reddit organized a series of college meetups recently on Sept. 15.

Although only six students showed up, they were from different backgrounds of study. Stories were shared, drinks were had, night tours of the school were taken, even more drinks were had, and new friends were made.

Perry Lam, a third-year computer engineering student attended the meetup and says that the Ryerson Reddit could use some more active members.

“I think it’s a fairly good Subreddit, seeing how there’s good discussions going on pretty often, from people of different majors and backgrounds.

At the same time, I think that it has a lot of room to grow,” said Lam.

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