After 22 years at Ryerson, Keith Alnwick announced his resignation last week. PHOTO: ARAN RAVIANDRAN

Registrar declares abrupt resignation

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By Sean Wetselaar

Long-time registrar at Ryerson University, Keith Alnwick, officially announced his resignation last Tuesday, Oct. 16.

The news came suddenly, in an email sent to Ryerson staff and faculty late in the afternoon. Alnwick cited a desire to pursue alternative consulting options as motive.

Ryerson President Sheldon Levy declined to comment on the sudden departure of one of Ryerson’s longest serving executives. Alnwick joined the university as registrar in July 1990, making him one of only three executive members at the school who predate Levy’s appointment as president.

Heather Lane Vetere, vice provost students, took over as interim registrar Monday, the date Alnwick’s registration took effect. Her goals as interim registrar are largely to ensure the office continues to function smoothly and ease the transition, she said.

“There’s a really good team of managers there [at the office of the registrar], who work hard to keep things moving,” she said.

“And it’s my goal [in the time] that I’m interim registrar to do everything I can to support them, so they can ensure, from the students’ perspective, they don’t really see a huge change.”

The registrar’s responsibilities include recruiting and admitting new students, as well as academic support once students are enrolled in the school. The office of the registrar also handles scheduling of course exams.

The process for the selection of a new registrar is the same as with most executives at the school, and will be conducted via a lengthy search process by a specially selected committee.

“We want to recruit and hire the best registrar that we can find for Ryerson,” Vetere said in a release Tuesday.

A time frame for the appointment of a new registrar has not yet been announced.

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