RTA’s lab for laughs

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By Susana Gómez Báez

A new think-tank at Ryerson will focus on ways in which comedy can be presented in the transmedia world.

Set to launch in January 2013, the program is a joint initiative among BiteTV, a digital TV channel, and the Radio and Television Arts (RTA) School of Media.

It will be funded by Bell New Media and BiteTV.

The project, known as the School of Bite, is a “thinking lab” in which participants will be able to interact with creative comedy professionals, according to Charles Falzon, the chair of RTA and co-director of School of Bite.

Though primarily aimed at Ryerson students, it accepts anybody with good pitches and ideas on how to adapt comedy to different kinds of media to ultimately build a team of 10 members.

“[This] is another example of how Ryerson is at the frontline of innovation,” said Falzon. “Students will be able to come up with new and exciting ideas for content without the limitations of traditional industry.”

Applications are due by Nov. 16.

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