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By Nicole Schmidt


Howard Wan has wanted to pursue film for as long as he can remember. But when it came to deciding which path would lead him in the right direction, he found himself confused.
“I was always watching films and always interested in film,“ said Wan. “My heart has always been set on it, but I didn’t know which route would be the best.”
It was during a Ryerson campus tour when things began to fall into place for Wan. His tour guide, who happened to be enrolled in RTA, convinced him that he should apply for the program.
Despite the fact that RTA may not seem like the obvious choice for someone who wants to make movies, through the program, Wan has gained experience and built connections that have allowed him to do what he loves.
Over the past few years, Wan has worked on many different projects, but the most recognized of them all is his involvement in a trailer for Call of Duty’s Modern Warfare 3 called “Find Makarov.”
Wan worked with a large crew, including a fellow RTA grad and friend, shooting behind the scenes footage for the trailer. Soon after its release, the video went viral on YouTube, gaining over nine million views.
Wan says that the most rewarding part of working on the project was seeing how people reacted to it.
Since the release of the trailer, Wan has been working on a variety of different projects. During one of them, a camera operator who worked on the 2009 hit,Avatar, gave Wan some advice that he’s been trying to follow. He told Wan that before the age of 25, he should experiment as much as he possibly can. He advised him to try things he’s never tried before because by doing so, he may discover a new passion.
“I’m taking this time in my life to try new things, work on new projects, and get as much experience as I can,” said Wan.


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