Summer job dress codes

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By Jackie Hong

It’s April. Exams will be over soon, summer’s just around the corner and you’re dying to go to the beach by day and party by night. But those pesky tuition fees mean you have to hold down a job. Dread trading your fashionable looks for the sake of appearing professional? Not to fear! The Eyeopener talked to three stylists from Guess, Urban Outfitters and Buffalo to figure out which trends are going to be a big part of this year’s summer collections and how to incorporate them into a business-appropriate outfit. You can still look good while slaving away for that paycheque.

1. The Grunge/Rocker Look

Studded denim, plaid shirts, vests, chains and skulls are all huge in this summer’s collections, although you may want to skip out on ripped jeans if you’re working or interning somewhere with a stricter dress code.

At the office:

Guys: The easiest way to bring the grunge/rocker look to the office without terrifying your boss is to wear leather with dark, monochromatic colours.

Girls: A corset with a blazer does the trick. It might be warm for a blazer in mid July but it’s a must to keep the look professional. Add a chain for a tough accent.

2. Bright Colours

It looks like the ’60s and ’70s are back too. Tops and bottoms in vibrant shades, and even tie-dye, are becoming popular again, and bright blues and greens are going to be especially prevalent.

At the office:

Guys: The only time wearing a Tshirt to the office will be acceptable is if you pair it with a blazer. It’ll keep you from boiling and add that pop of colour that is all over stores now. Add in classy, coloured pants, and you’re ready!

Girls: There is no easier way of staying cool than with a sleeveless shirt. The collar makes it appropriate enough for the office and you can get them in almost any colour — bright greens, yellows, and blues will be popular this summer.

3. Bold Prints

Chevron, gingham, stripes, polka dots, and any striking print will be huge in the sunny months. You’ll find them in pants, shirts, skirts, and ties, so it shouldn’t be hard to incorporate them into your wardrobe. Like bright colours, bold prints add an instant pop to an otherwise boring outfit.

At the office:

Guys: Have fun and mix patterns — checkered shirts with plaid bowties, striped shirts and polka dot ties. If it’s too warm, skip the blazer. This trend is fun and presentable enough.

Girls: Bold prints mean you can put away that collared shirt and dress things down. They’re eye-catching and if paired with a light cardigan and capris pants, you won’t be too hot.

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