You can now use your OneCards at Balzaks on campus and pay tax free. PHOTO: CREATIVE COMMONS

OneCard going like “hell on fire” at Balzac’s Coffee

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By Angela Hennessy

Balzac’s Coffee Roasters on campus is now accepting OneCards after facing some pressure from students.

“We had a lot of students requesting it last year, so we decided it would be a good idea to try it out,” said store manager Susan Swain. “Now it’s going like hell on fire and students seem to be loving it.”

Swain said that during the school year, students make up roughly 70 per cent of the coffee shops customer base. Balzac’s wants to do whatever they can to keep students happy.

OneCards can be used at various locations across campus, but some students would like to see that list grow.

“If more places accepted the card, it would honestly be my next debit card, said fourth-year engineering student, John Litosh. “It makes sense if you have a store on campus, that you would accept this card.”

First-year social work student Tara Goldman said that she probably wouldn’t frequent Balzac’s of they didn’t accept the cards because of the high prices.

Swain said that this year will be a test drive for OneCards and they will continue to track its success throughout the year.

“But so far, it’s been a great for business,” said Swain.

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