At approximately 12:30 a.m. Friday, a vehicle caught fire outside of the RCC. PHOTO COURTESY: IRAM PARTAP

Friday the 13th fire

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By Behdad Mahichi

On Friday the 13th a vehicle went up in flames on campus and police aren’t sure why.

At 1:25 a.m. a motorcycle that was parked between two cars on the corner of Gould and Church Streets became engulfed in flames, which caught the attention of pedestrians, local businesses and the students in residence.

“I can see Church Street from my room in Pitman Hall. I was in bed when I heard a noise similar to a gunshot, and then I saw flames shoot out higher than the trees. People were running to the scene to see what happened,” said Amelia Hankins, a first-year journalism student.

Toronto Police division 51 arrived at the scene, but were unable to determine the initial cause of the fire.

“The loud noise was most likely the tires exploding,” explained Staff Sergeant Dan Crosby.

“Officers at the scene thought it may have been caused by a cigarette disposed into a leakage of gasoline,” said Crosby.

Iram Partap, an employee of Ryerson University’s campus pub, the Ram In the Rye, said she was on her break when the fire started.

“It was like a ball of fire that shot up into the sky,” Partap.

The fire was put out quickly and students returned to their rooms as the motorcycle was towed away.

There was no damage done to the adjacent cars or surrounding area.

Toronto Police said there was no evidence of arson so the Friday the 13th fire mystery continues.





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