Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn has pledged $800,000 to the social science program. Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons.

Rye scores $800,000 in provincial funding

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By Devin Jones

Graduates of the Ryerson social science program are rejoicing, as Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynn has pledged $800,000 to the program, with the aim of creating 120 new jobs in the high-tech sector.

The Ryerson social science funding is a part of the provincial government’s new $25 million Youth Skills Connections initiative, which intends to connect businesses with universities, the government and students, to be able to find ways to combat the labor shortages over the next two years.

“Young people still need help from employers, from communities, from all of us” to get their footing in the world, said Wynne, who spoke to business and education leaders at the province’s first meeting on Talent and Skills in the New economy.

The funding could provide helpful job training and bridge the gap between employers and students in the form of internships.

The Advanced Digital and Professional Training for the Information and Communications Technology Sector will use Ryerson’s existing relationships within the industry to develop creative and unique training experiences that coincide with Canada’s economic needs.

“I think its great from what they’re saying, its nice to know there are opportunities being made available,” said Sydney McCan, 19, a second-year social work student.

The concept that innovation can be taught and learned, is something Ryerson President Sheldon Levy whole heartedly believes in “the idea that it has to be in your DNA is absolutely wrong.”  Levy went on to state that innovation is all about teaching students the skills needed to take on the challenges that face them out in the work force.

The “Digital Media Zone” which acts as Ryerson’s innovation centre that connects business savvy students with potential investors, has grown from the original 6,000 square feet to 60,000 square feet, said Levy.

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