Students in the Image Arts building find themselves battling for lockers every year.

Photo: Sierra Bein

Storage wars: locked up

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By Kanwal Rafiq

Students at Ryerson University in the image arts programs are unhappy about having to scavenge for lockers.

Large lockers occupy a short hallway in the basement at the Image Arts building, but the lockers on the third floor are half the size.

Students find it unfair that these lockers aren’t built to accommodate everyone and run on a first come first-serve basis.

Third-year new media student Tess Sutherland said most people who go to Ryerson are commuters and have to lug equipment to and from school if they don’t have a locker. But if you’re lucky enough to find one, your big camera case and tripod probably won’t fit in it.

Sutherland ended up taking a locker in another building across campus, to which she travels back and forth, dragging her heavy equipment along. It’s time consuming and inconvenient, she said, but she was happy to find one.

Third-year photography student Layah Glassman had no luck at all in finding a locker. She said she has no choice but to share one with two other friends.

The battle for the lockers is taken quite seriously, Glassman said, adding that students come to claim their own as early as mid August.

Ryerson Vice-Provost Students Heather Lane Vetere said her team distributes lockers to the different departments based on their requests but these requests are not always met due to the shortage.

She said she’s open to trying to address the issue but has never been approached about it.

“It’s certainly something I can explore but it’s not something anyone has ever come to me and said, ‘we need more lockers,'” Vetere said.

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