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Ryerson makes Maclean’s top 10

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By Sierra Bein

The most recent Maclean’s Magazine ranking of universities put Ryerson in the top 10 out of 49 other ranked universities. Ryerson now sits in eighth place in the comprehensive category, which is four places higher than it was ranked last year.

The comprehensive category in made up of universities with “significant research, undergraduate and graduate programs as well as professional schools,” according to the 2015 Maclean’s university rankings article.

Other schools that ranked in the top eight in the comprehensive category include McGill, University of Toronto, University of British Columbia, McMaster University and Queen’s University. Ryerson tied with York University.

The article said that a big part of the ranking is based on a reputational survey, which is filled out by educational and business leaders.

“Rankings have a hell of a difficulty in measuring certain elements that are very hard to quantify,” said Ryerson president Sheldon Levy in the article.

Although Ryerson has done well in the past with the reputational surveys, many of the newer elements of the university don’t translate directly to the ranking. Ryerson has become well known for its innovation and creation of the new zones around campus. Helping students make their own start-ups and other business ideas directly through the school has become a part of Ryerson’s identity.


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