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Q&A with Tom Anselmi

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By Devin Jones

Ryerson grad Tom Anselmi will bring his 15 years of experience with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment to the Ted Rogers School of Management. The Eyeopener was able to sit down with Anselmi and ask him about the role he will be stepping into.

Q: How does it feel to be back at Ryerson?

A: It’s been great so far. I have a lot of memories of this school. The expansion into the downtown core has been staggering to watch.

Q: What will be your official role at the university?

A: So I’m what is called a distinguished visiting professor and really I’m helping the dean in three capacities. One, the development of an MBA in sports marketing. Two, assisting in the delivery of a class on sports business. Three, mentoring MBA students on how to manage their own personal brand, and what goes into that.

Q: How has Ryerson changed since you’ve attended?

A: Well when I was here as a student [it] was still a polytechnic institute. It’s grown into a renowned city builder and a great centre for technology and business building. The things [Ryerson President Sheldon] Levy has been able to do during his time here not only benefits the students and faculty but also the downtown core as [a] whole.

Q: How long will your tenure be at Ryerson?

A: Right now it’s for one year and at the end of that period of time we’ll see where things are at.

Q: How has the program been going so far?

A: We’ve kicked off the class on Jan. 14 and it’s been going great. We’ll figure out by the end of the year the direction of the sports program.

Q: Have you attended any Rams games yet?

A: I’ve attended [hockey] games over the years, even when I didn’t have any official capacity with Ryerson. I imagine I’ll attend some more throughout my time here.

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