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CESAR votes on bylaw to change its structure

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The Continuing Education Students’ Association of Ryerson (CESAR) Annual General Meeting was held on Tuesday night. Members voted on a bylaw that would change the structure of their board, as well as elect new executives.

The bylaw that they voted on was to bring back members at large, two random students to sit on the board and represent student voice.

The two members at large would be responsible for projects determined by the executive. These would mainly be outreach to encourage membership.

The main goal of including members at large was to promote diversity on the board, and within the group.

Denise Hammond, president of CESAR said that this will ensure CESAR is “more reflective of the needs of continuing education and part-time students.”

There was a vote to amend the bylaw, in favour of bringing in members at large. Around the room, everyone held up their laminated ‘vote’ cards. There was an overwhelming majority.

Hammond said that “this will provide great strength and value to the governing of CESAR for years to come.”

After that, the floor was opened for nominations. Four candidates were nominated. Their names are Heba Huzayin, Hadel Ellis, Leticia Msowoa and Bryan Joseph.

Each gave a two minute speech.

“I really respect what CESAR does,” said Joseph in his speech. He said that he would like to continue the work that CESAR does as well as bring his own ideas to the table.

Ellis told the floor that he would like to restore confidence in CESAR throughout the student body, “not just from a fiscal standpoint, but from a community standpoint.”

Msowoa spoke to the candidates about her experience in promoting diversity. She said that she would continue to fight for equity and inclusiveness.

Huzayin said that she loves CESAR. Everything that they stand for “promotes a healthy life.”

She wants to work towards recognizing mental health issues and ease the stigma around it.

After the votes, Joseph and Huzayin were declared the members at large.

The meeting continued and went over the budget and audit of the group, followed by the elections for the executives.

The audit found that enrollment in the Chang School was down by 7 per cent for the year.

CESAR also released its annual executive report.

“It’s only the cusp of the amount of work we’ve accomplished this year,” said Hammond.

“Most importantly, we accomplished it together.”

The executives elected were Denise Hammond as President, Vice-President of Events, Francis Pineda, Vice-President of Equity, Janet Rodriguez, Vice-President of Services, Michael-Kushnir and the Vice-President of Internal, Rabbia Ashraf.

The next event CESAR will be holding in on Thursday April 2, called the April Unwind. There will be free snacks and a quiet study space for those looking to relax in the SCC 310 from 5-7 p.m.

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