VSCO Cam is available for free on the iOS App Store and on Android's Google Play Store.

App of the week: VSCO Cam

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By Igor Magun

With the colours of autumn almost upon us, a good photography app is in order, and that app is VSCO Cam. This app offers a suite of advanced camera controls and editing functions that can help you take beautiful photos.

The app’s camera controls cover advanced functions such as white balance, shutter speed and manual focus. These may vary by phone, but on most devices VSCO Cam provides much more control than offered by the default camera app.

Once you’ve taken a photo, VSCO Cam has a variety of editing tools. A simple series of filters is offered, including the ability to adjust the filter strength. Additional filter sets can also be purchased in the app. Some are available for free, but other collections will cost up to $8.

If you’d prefer more editing control, the app allows you to adjust contrast, shadows, highlights and other aspects of the image. Photos taken outside of the app can be imported for editing as well.

The resulting photos can be shared within the app’s own social network, or on more popular networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. They can be saved to your camera roll for use in other apps as well.

VSCO Cam is available for free on the iOS App Store and on Android’s Google Play Store.

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