StyleID joins the Joe Fresh Centre

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By Noushin Ziafati

StyleID, a company that created a mobile app which helps consumers identify the products that they see on TV, will be joining the Joe Fresh Centre for Fashion Innovation.

Cofounder Sarah Juma said that having the opportunity to have access to Joe Fresh, their events and their marketing campaigns is going to be a really big factor in StyleID’s growth.

“It’s very helpful for a company like StyleID because it’s our goal to partner with other retailers like Joe Fresh, and so just having this opportunity to understand how the company runs, what their budgets are, and what type of information they would need from us to form a partnership,” Juma said.

The company will be joined alongside other Canadian fashion and cosmetics startups.

“I think the key to having a successful business is surrounding yourself with other people who might be going through the same problems and have some solutions. It’s a really great community of people that you’re surrounded with and it can be really helpful,” Juma said.



Juma found out about the new Joe Fresh Centre from a press release that the Ryerson Fashion Zone sent out.

“We’re just really looking forward to this collaboration that Ryerson has created with the Fashion Zone and Joe Fresh and we’re hoping that we’ll make everybody proud as the first generation going out and ever doing this.”

Juma and her co-founder Rachel Nicole signed up at the Ryerson Fashion Zone about a year and a half ago in order to be surrounded by like-minded fashion and technology companies.

They created the StyleID app on Android and iOS in their time at the Fashion Zone. The app currently consists of a catalogue compiled of clothing pieces and accessories from 32 different shows.

To find out what characters are wearing in different episodes, the StyleID team identifies the clothing or accessories and they cross reference them with on-set costume designers to verify that it is the correct item.

“If you’re watching a show like Modern Family or Young and the Restless and you see something you like, we’ll tell you exactly where you can get it,” Juma said.

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