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By Mikayla Fasullo

When your inbox is flooded with countless emails from retail stores and restaurants, selecting “mark all as read” seems like the fastest solution until your inbox overflows again. Luckily, there’s a new app that will relieve you of these troubles.
If you didn’t already know, when a cashier at a store asks for your email, they are signing you up for a subscription to the company.

Though we may not think much of it in the moment, we usually regret giving them our email once our inbox has reached a few hundred unread messages. is an app that lets you unsubscribe from all the email subscriptions you’ve piled up over the years with the simple swipe of your finger.

Styled like the app Hot or Not, swiping left on the company that appears on your screen automatically unsubscribes you from ever getting their emails again and swiping right allows you to keep the subscriptions you might enjoy.

You’re able to switch emails all within the same app as well. So whatever email you used to subscribe with, whether it be Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo! and so on, you can unsubscribe them all within the same app. With an overwhelming positive response, is taking people by surprise by being the app that nobody knew they needed until it showed up. is available for free on the iOS App Store.

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