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Rams defeat Lakehead in afternoon win

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By Rob Foreman

The Ryerson women’s’ volleyball team added another tally to the win column today third game to their winning streak after defeating the Lakehead Thunderwolves in three straight sets.

​The Rams had an easy win in the first set with a score of 25-15 but came into the second too comfortably, facing a much Thunderwolves squad.

​The score was kept within one and four points during the end of the second set, but the Rams still managed to come out with the win at the end, winning 25-21.

​“Our performance in the first set was fantastic,” said head coach Dustin Reid. “I think in the second set we expected it to be as easy as the first, which obviously is silly, but human nature.”

​The Rams third set ended with a closer score due to some mistakes made at the end of the game, but throughout the set the Rams were able to keep a dominant lead.

​Veronica Livingston and Theanna Vernon both had standout games today as they led the teams with more 12 and 11 kills while Emily Betteridge helped to set the team up for success with 34 assists in just three sets.
​“[Betteridge’s] ability to find the middle hitters, whether in front of her or behind is second to none in our league,” Reid said.

​Livingston said that she didn’t have her best game today but that teammates like Betteridge were able to pick up the slack.

​“I definitely could have done a lot better in today’s game, but I have a really great team,” she said. “It’s a little bit less pressure.”

​The Rams will be playing away tomorrow night against Ottawa who is sitting just a place behind the Rams in the league standings.

​Reid said that the game will be important in terms of standings, probability of seeing them again down the road, as well as breaking the habit of losing in Ottawa’s home court.
“It’s a tough place to play,it’s a gym that we haven’t had a tremendous amount of success in, I don’t think we ever have [won in that gym] to be honest,” he said.

​With that looming over their heads, the team has watched their game film and knows what they have to deal with, on Sunday.

“The biggest difference between Lakehead and Ottawa is their use of middles, so we’re gonna see a lot more diversity in their offense,” Livingston said.
​You can catch the Rams at their next home game on Feb 19 against Windsor in the CIS kickoff.

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