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Ontario Government to include mature students in free tuition through OSAP

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By Jacob Dubé

The Ontario Government announced that mature students will also be benefitting from their plan to distribute free tuition through OSAP.

On Jan. 17, Minister of Advanced Education and Skills Development Deb Matthews told a crowd at the City Adult Learning Centre in Toronto that when the new OSAP plan takes place in September 2017, mature students, also called adult learners, who earn under $50,000 annually are eligible for free tuition for undergraduate and graduate programs.

“I’m thinking that the word post secondary suggests that it’s something you do after high school, and then never again,” Matthews told The Eyeopener. “And it’s really more and more about learning throughout your life, because the economy is changing, technology is changing, and we all need to be ready to think about going back to school.”

They also launched an online calculator, where potential students can put their income, number of children and marital status to see how much non-repayable grants they would receive.

“I’m encouraging people to go to the calculator and just imagine what their future could hold,” Matthews said.

She also said that following the implementation of the new OSAP programs, there will be another set of revisions coming the following year, concentrated on reducing the parental and spousal contributions to tuition payments.


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