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Ryerson partners with CIBC Mellon

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By Syed Razvi

Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Management has partnered with investment servicing company CIBC Mellon to find solutions to the business’ problems.

The two institutions are launching the Business Innovation Hub, which brings together five CIBC Mellon employees and five Ryerson University students who will work together to help CIBC Mellon.

One of the Ryerson students involved is Brendan Corney, a third-year environmental biology student. Corney sees this as an opportunity to use collaboration and team-building skills, which he calls an “asset to any environment.”

“I have gone from wearing a lab coat to business attire,” said Corney. “It’s really incredible that we’re breaking the typical student-supervisor dynamic.”

Corney said the team met up with managers and heads of different units at CIBC Mellon and that the problems they’re looking to solve, weren’t apparent during that early stage.

“You can’t learn finance in a week,” he said.

Senior Fund Accountant at CIBC Mellon, Sarah El-Bahrawi, agrees with the complexity of identifying problems at an early stage despite being an employee at CIBC Mellon.

Having students from different educational fields in the Business Innovation Hub will add “diverse perspectives and fresh outlooks,” she said.

“We don’t want people who are all thinking the same way,” said Bahrawi. “Even though I’m working here, we are still trying to figure out the problems.”

The financial institution has run summer programs which gave the students a similar experience to the Business Innovation Hub.

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