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Student trip funding the big discussion of Ryerson Arts Society SAGM

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By Jacob Dubé

The Ryerson Arts Society (RAS) semi-annual general meeting (SAGM) was held on Jan. 26. Ryerson Students’ Union (RSU) president Obaid Ullah sat as chair of the meeting, which addressed impeachment regulations and funding for class trips.

Motion for RAS to fund $8,000 to the Poetic Exchange — PASSED

The Poetic Exchange, a student group that participates in poetry and spoken word competitions, has been approved to receive $8,000 in funding from RAS. From that amount, $3,000 will be used to send delegates to compete at the College University Invitational Poetry Slam this April, and the remaining $5,000 will be used to compete at the National Poetry Slam in August.

Motion for RAS to be the last source of funding for student trips — PASSED

Following a long debate, the motion that allows students to ask for funding for class trips from RAS after approaching faculty and other options. The debate surrounded whether it should be up to students who choose to take the course to fund their own trips, or whether more financial accessibility should be provided for those who may not be able to afford it.

Motion to include RAS directors in their respective Course Union boards — OUT OF ORDER

The motion was ruled out of order because it deals with the RSU and is not in RAS’ jurisdiction.

Motion to create a Sustainability Committee — PASSED

RAS will create a Sustainability Committee that will ensure the society meets its sustainability goals in the year.

Motion to have a minimum of 24 hours between RAS board meetings — PASSED

Board meetings must now take place within a minimum of 24 hours between each other, after RAS held a meeting two minutes after one meeting, where they voted to impeach former RAS president Nikita Jariwala.

Motion to limit how many times and why a board member can impeach — PASSED

The motion outlines the process to impeach a RAS executive, and limits how many times a board member can impeach. It cites the possible harassment implications as reason to limit the regulations. A motion to impeach can only be filed if complaints have been presented to the board prior, if there are subsequent meetings to complete the motion and only once a month. The exception to these conditions is if the person in question has committed a violent act.

Motion for RAS to look into creating a TTC Metropass Subsidy Program — PASSED

RAS will partner with the RSU to create a TTC Metropass Subsidy Program, a pilot project which will provide discounted Metropasses to students who qualify for the program.

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