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Lecturer’s controversial comments get complaints from students

By Alanna Rizza

Students have made complaints about comments posted on Facebook by a Ryerson engineering sessional lecturer and instructor.

The instructor, Brian Petz, detailed controversial political views on immigration and religious communities in a series of public Facebook comments posted over the past year.

Petz has held a teaching position at Ryerson since January 2016. Additionally, he has worked as an instructor at the G. Raymond Chang School of Continuing Education since January 2015.

Brian Petz. Photo courtesy: LinkedIn

The Eyeopener has confirmed that informal complaints were made to the Ryerson Students’ Union, but was unable to confirm whether those complaints were taken to the university due to confidentiality concerns with the human resources department.

In December 2016, Petz wrote on Facebook, “Giving away money for nothing is exactly what is wrong with our immigration system. We need people to come here who are motivated to succeed, not motivated to receive.”

In another public comment, Petz wrote, “The West has been so successful because of the virtues and values of Christianity. The Left hates Christianity. This is why it supports BOTH Islam and LGBTQ. The ONLY thing they have in common is that they both bother Christians…. LGBTQ not so much anymore. I am not religious, but I see the values in the traditions that the West is founded upon.”

In another public comment from November 2016, Petz wrote that people “coexist peacefully” until they feel their culture and identity is “threatened.” He also wrote that, “importing millions of third world immigrants” into North America “will not end well, just like the attempt to colonize India and Africa didn’t work out. The [I]ndigenous people rejected being supplanted and bred out of existence and you’ll see the same thing here.”

In the same comment, he wrote that “cultural Marxism” and a “false construct of a hierarchy of oppression” makes white people feel “ashamed of their heritage” and “will backfire violently.”

Also in the same public comment thread, Petz wrote that the Holocaust was a “major clash of cultures” that “did not end well for one group, as usual.” “What do you think is going to happen in Europe if the [I]ndigenous people see themselves being displaced and REplaced (sic) by Muslims imported from the ME?” the rest of the comment read.

Petz also made a public comment in October 2016 about former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. “She should be hanged by the neck until dead. I really hope if Trump wins, she goes to jail, and dies there. None of this Gerald Ford type amnesty shit,” he wrote.

When asked for comment regarding these public views, Petz replied with an emailed statement.

“As a Ryerson alumni, sessional lecturer of both the Chang School and the Department of Aerospace Engineering, and an active member of Ryerson’s Design Fabrication Zone, it is unfortunate that these alleged comments have been made public,” he wrote. “I welcome the opportunity to discuss further.”

Petz did not respond to further interview requests prior to publication.

The Eye reached out to the faculty and the public affairs department and received the following statement: “The University does not confirm the receipt of any complaints filed against any of our employees. Human Resources matters are addressed as confidential matters.”

Petz was a student at Ryerson from 2004 to 2011. In the 2007-2008 school year, he was the president of the Campus Conservatives, a student group that is an extension of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Campus Association.


  1. Neil Batchelor

    I don’t see any controversial comments here. What I see is a University turned echo chamber, where only one set of “values” is acceptable. Since when did Canadian Universities become bastions of doublespeak and thrive on the production of Thought Police? Since when did Canada become universally Liberal in it’s worldview? Since when did it become a crime worthy of mention to express opinions publicly, that others may find disagreeable? Answer: It has not. These students have demonstrated Elitism at it’s most arrogant and feckless.

  2. Terry

    I mean, everything he said was true, especially about Hillary Clinton. I don’t see the problem here, well within his free speech rights.

  3. John

    Although controversial there is some real validity to what Mr. Petz is saying. Just because some folks don’t agree doesn’t mean he should be silenced.

    Mr. Petz also explicitly welcomes the opportunity to debate and discuss policies on immigration and cultural/ societal norms and practices, the univetsity, RSU, media outlets, political organizations or even community groups should allow him to do so by facilitating the discussion and providing qualified persons to give logical arguments for an against these arguments.

    Similarly, the Conservative Party of Canada is facing similar dilemna within their party and are trying to create reasonable, equitable policy among members and leaders with very different ideals, rather than silencing those they disagree with, they allow a truly democratic process to take place, the Ryerson/ RSU community would be wise to do the same.

  4. Dane

    My mother came to this country from Guyana a small third world poor country in South America, my familt didn’t receive govemenetal benefits or tax cuts or welfare they started from the bottom and yet my mother was able to achieve great success solely based off of two factors: hard work and good choices, in any free society those two things will enable anyone regardless of where they start in life to acheive success she now has two university degrees and a well paying job by contrast my Canadian Born white male father made poorer choices in life and now earns much less than my mother proof that regardless of who you are you can make it in life by working hard and making good choices why is this man being ostracized for suggesting we reduce welfare incentives that Canadian taxpayers foot the bill for, in order to incentivaize immigrants to work hard when comming into this country, beyond disgusting to see someone be shamed for stating this opinion

  5. Ayy Lmao

    None of the comments are even offensive, really, just fairly right wing. Why should students care about lecturers’ private beliefs anyway? If they push it on their students that’s a different story, but this is just dumb.

  6. Micheal Sha

    I find Petz words to be refreshing. These are the kind of opinions and values that we need to hear. The hard truth. Wish he was my professor.

  7. RAC

    How dare he share his personal views in a public forum ?! Unless of course they align with your views; then it’s “brave”, right ?

    Professors like Melissa Click can call for “muscle” to remove one student-journalist surrounded by throngs of brainwashed lefty students -but a lecturer/alumnus should be targeted for his FB rants ?

    By that standard nearly all lecturers of every stripe should be condemned. Get a life.

    I loathe both Trump & Clinton, so imagine how much political commentary I have to endure from friends and family. The point is, I *tolerate* it – hyperbole and all. Extinguishing voices is fascist in nature. Just don’t.

  8. Lewis Dodgson

    This Petz guy is based AF!

  9. Josh P

    The professor is well within his right as a Canadian under the Charter to speak what he believes. If you don’t like it don’t listen or read it. You are turning into the people you despise when you silence people. Have a constructive discussion don’t demand that people you don’t agree with be silenced.

  10. Onur Özbek

    Angry morons like this have no business in postsecondary. He should be removed.

    • Terry

      Actually what he is saying makes perfect sense! We want the best and brightest, not looking for handouts. This isn’t a charity. This is a national economy. Get with the program!

  11. Brian Petz – Woke AF!

  12. Jameson McRobertstein

    Professor Petz once chased a homeless man through the streets of Ryerson’s campus, screaming “Give me your liver! I want your liver!”
    He is a terrible man. His terrible friends were laughing. It’s true – you know it, I know it, everybody knows it.

  13. Orange Julius Assange

    I have video proof of Mr Petz’s next chilling project. This not a joke. It will change the way you live forever. Will publish once I feel it’s safe.

  14. Raj

    I had Mr. Petz in one of my courses for my aerospace masters degree. This man is one of the brightest, articulate people I have ever had the pleasure of listening to. It was a course in the manufacturing method in aerospace, and his insights on the economy, the finance and politics wrt manufacturing changed the way I think. He is a brilliant man, and I fully agree with what he is saying, and this is a free country. The “eye-closer” should be ashamed for using the media to berate a person they disagree with. I don’t see the reference of people who have complained. I am suspicious of the intent of this article. This is the style of reporting that ruins my home country of India, where the reporters use the newspaper to controlled unintelligent and uneducated people in how they think. I am even scared to leave my real name due to these kind of medias.

    Good luck to you Mr. Petz in your endeavours!

  15. Sukrai Shah

    I had the pleasure of being in one of Petz’s classes this past year. He was one of the most interesting lecturers to listen to. The best part about his classes was that he not only had advanced knowledge of aerospace engineering, but also had advanced knowledge of the real world, in economics, finance and politics, and was able to tie things together. It’s people like him that add value to the University while liberal arts teachers do the opposite. We need more people like him, this guy is brilliant! This country cannot afford to lose free speech and outspoken leaders like Mr. Petz.

  16. moi

    One needs to just google this man’s name to see his rather hilarious history at Ryerson. What is even more hilarious is that for a man who has argued quite loudly against public spending he is certainly lining up at the public trough getting the tax payer to foot the bill for his company (DFZ) and pay his salary (sessional work). Can he not make it in the private sector that he venerates so much?

  17. moi

    I should also add that it is also funny to see all the sock puppets commenting on what a great guy he is

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