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RSU hits all-time high approval rating

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By Penelope Latte

The Ryerson Students’ Union’s (RSU) approval rating has skyrocketed over the past two years after a drastic decrease in corruption, double-crossing and throwing people under the bus.

According to an Ipsos poll, the RSU is currently at a 90 per cent approval rating—the highest it’s ever been. The survey also noted that the union was doing exceptionally well with transparency, allocating funds to in-need departments and allowing marginalized people on the board to speak at meetings.

“Student politics in the past two years has been pretty chill. There hasn’t been any drama or tension and everybody loves each other,” said RSU general manager Sid Naidu.

“It almost reminds me of my time in student politics here at Ryerson— just so much love.”

The hundreds of Ryerson students invested in student politics assumed things would get heated because of the split slate on the executive team (and because of last year’s controversial 6 Fest concert, this year’s Colonialism 150 campaign and ongoing tension regarding the Canadian Federation of Students—the national student advocacy group to which the RSU pays $500,000 for an annual membership).

“We’re just one big happy family,” said RSU president Susanne Nyaga. “Board meetings are a breeze. We’re all on the same page.”

Students said they’re especially pleased with how the RSU regularly alerts students about their monthly board meetings and how the minutes are immediately uploaded to their website.

“My favourite part about RSU meetings is how the board follows Robert’s Rules and their bylaws perfectly,” said engineering student Satthew Mith. “I also noticed that no one has been meeting in the sketchy alleyway behind the Student Campus Centre in a while.”

Even Ryerson president Mohamed Lachemi commented on how he is surprised that the university hasn’t received any negative media attention in months due to RSU activities.

“I haven’t had to meet with any student leaders to give them warnings—ahh erm, wait—the University is entirely separate from the student union. I have no further comment. I LIKE TO BUILD THINGS, I DON’T LIKE TO DESTROY THINGS,” Lachemi said to The Eyersonian.

But some past RSU executives aren’t surprised at the high approval rating.

“My time in office was easy-peasy. I trusted the board and those outside of the board with my life,” said last year’s president and current board member Obaid Ullah. “I also love campus media.”

Last year’s vice-president student life & events Harman Singh thinks his transparency was a key factor in the soaring approval rating.

“Yeah, every time I said I’d finish the 6 Fest report and give out concert refunds, people were just like ‘ya Drake!’” said Singh in a private Facebook message.

Only time will tell how the ratings will hold up for the rest of the school year.


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