Briefs & Groaners: Finding Friends on Campus

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By The News Team

Someone be tripping (other people)


A non-community member tried to trip a Ryerson community member by sticking their leg out. Our Ryerson hero kicked the assailant in the leg—not unlike John McClane from Die Hard would have done—then left the area. The would-be tripper followed them, then left. Just because you saw someone trip someone else in an old Family Channel comedy doesn’t make it OK. We’re old now. We break easily.

No new friends no no no


Ryerson security responded to unsanctioned posters about “finding real friends on campus” in the George Vari building. Security could not find the “suspicious” individual who placed them. Maybe Ryerson security wants to prevent this lonely person from finding real friends. Or maybe security wants to be their only friend…

You don’t change your style by vomiting into a bag


On the sixth-floor of the SLC, an individual was spotted vomiting in a bag, staring at people and laughing hysterically. C’mon, the SLC’s decor isn’t that bad. The individual left before security arrived. Someone vomited in a water fountain last week, is this a trend?

People keep trying to get high in the parking lot


Security keeps responding to incidents of drug use in the Victoria parking lot. People tried to smoke, drink and inject there within the last week. Seems like everything your Grade 7 health teacher ever warned you about happens in that parking lot. EVERYTHING.

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