Briefs and Groaners: Don’t Shave in Ryerson Bathrooms

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By Nathaniel Crouch

Every week, The Eyeopener meets with Ryerson security and gets the low-down on what’s been happening on campus. Here are some notable, and often unfortunate, entries.

Just take the streetcar next time?

Downtown Toronto parking is always a struggle. Apparently, that struggle includes being beset by a man not bound by mortal laws as he consumes both alcohol and cocaine right next to your 1999 Toyota Previa. 

Reported on Feb. 2 at 300 Victoria St., the dude was spotted as he double fisted a bottle of Jack Daniel’s and a line of cocaine.


Freaks and Geeks ended 18 years ago guys

Wanting to complete the secondary education vibes Kerr Hall provides, security busted two community members breaking up weed on the second floor of Kerr Hall Thursday afternoon, apparently believing that “nobody hangs out in Kerr Hall unless they’re waiting for class.”




Bathroom chic is the next big thing

The Ted Rogers building had a surprise guest on Thursday, as a non-community member was in a stall on the first floor, changing his clothes with the stall door wide open while in possession of drugs. 

There’s nothing like starting your class with a potty break while some high-flying gentlemen in the next stall figures out which pair of jeans he’s going to wear to take on the world today.



You’re not my Venus. Not my fire, my desire

The bathroom at the SLC should never, ever be the site for a inspired Venus shaving commercial. 

A non-community member was reported shaving topless on the SLC’s eighth floor. Were they punished for their indecent exposure by having to go the rest of the day with just a few long hairs left?




  1. Sometimes man’s gotta shave on campus, ya know, them be days where you go home but still gotta look fresh.

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