App of the week: Slowly

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By Sera Wong

If you’ve ever wanted to write your own personalized letters to strangers across the world, now’s your chance!

With Slowly, users can make pen pals from dozens of countries. The app connects users who have similar interests in order to spark a meaningful conversation. Slowly is available for Android and iOS.

Users are required to make an account in order to use this app. The app will ask for location permissions, but you can deny them.

Users will be asked to disclose the languages they speak and their level of fluency. You’ll also be asked to indicate any hobbies and interests you have so the app can better connect you with specific people. You can get automatically matched to someone every 24 hours, otherwise, you can manually search for someone to send your letter to.

When searching for a potential pen pal, you can filter people by location, language, topics, age range, or zodiac sign.

Unlike your run-of-the-mill messaging app, messages don’t send and deliver immediately. Depending on where your pen pal lives, it could take hours or even days for your virtual letter to arrive. This is to simulate the feeling of sending an actual letter.

You can also unlock and collect cute stamps to use for your virtual letters.

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