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Campus cannabis comment

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By Nathaniel Crouch

We set out to ask students how they feel about cannabis legalization, which took place across Canada on  Oct. 17. Here’s what Ryerson had to say.


“Faded AF” is “Faded AF” backwards
-Peter Ash
“If a turtle loses its shell, is it naked, or homeless?”
-Curtis Curtis
“Is there another word for
–McConaughi Matt
“Why is there an L in Noel if it’s Noel?”
–Someone French
“You will never know what memories you have forgotten.”
–Psychology Prof.
“Is the S or the C silent in scent?”
–Bucky Barnes
“The Alphabet doesn’t need to be in that order”
–Izabella Balcerzak
“How is it that your fingers are all different length when straight out and the same length when you curl them?”
– Amanda Frogs
“Everything is a boomerang if you throw it upwards.”
– Cobra Commander
“If the multiverse theory is true, is there a universe where it isn’t?
–One Scientist
“Why is a building called a Building if it’s already built?”
–Mohammed Albi

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