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App of the Week: Headspace

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By Urbi Khan

Need help to distress and cultivate your inner chakra?

With Headspace, you can have your own personal guru in experiencing guided meditation sessions to help cope with anxiety, to get some sound sleep or to deal with stress. Headspace is available for both Android and iOS.

Users are required to make an account, either through Facebook or email. After making the account, the app opens with a series of questions regarding why the user wants to use Headspace and what times of the day, either morning or evening, will the user frequent the app.

Users can choose a period of time they want to use the app for their chosen times of meditation. For example, the default time for users to have a guided session is three to 10 minutes. Users can choose if they want to meditate after taking a shower in the morning or after having dinner in the evening.

After the user has set up their preferences time-wise, they will be taken into a basic foundation mode through a series of 10 sessions, the user will be guided through the meditations by a soothing male voice with a British accent.

The basics sessions are free, however, users can try free sessions from packs with a 30-session series each like meditations for mindful eating. There are packs curated especially for students which include dealing with leaving home and dealing with distractions.

Users will be guided through their meditations with soothing colourful visuals that change through the period of the meditation session.

After the completion of each session, the user receives key quotes from the meditation guide. Each session is a learning experience for the user in order to better themselves.

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