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App of the Week: Cowlines

By Izabella Balcerzak

Ever wonder if Google or Apple Maps could suggest you a single route that was multi-modal, cheap and good for the environment?

With Cowlines, all three options are seamlessly incorporated into a suggested route. All you have to do is select ‘GO’ and, well, you know what to do next.

Available in cities across Canada and United States by the company Greenlines Technology Inc., Cowlines combines different transport options to get you to your destination “up to 40%” faster. Partnering with cities, transport companies and governments, the app claims that the best route is mapped out, putting carbon footprint and CO2 emissions at the forefront.

If saving the world isn’t your cup of tea, the app also includes features that allow you to personalize your trip. Through a simple and modern design, your transport options include (city permitting) bus, subway, tram, ferry, bikes hare, carshare, rail, cable car, ride-hailing, and taxicab.  

No commitment, sign-in or credit card information is necessary to start using the app—just download the free app to start planning your future eco-friendlier adventures.

Cowlines is available for free on the App store.

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