UPDATE: Classes in multiple buildings cancelled due to plumbing issues

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By Sherina Harris

Classes and labs in Eric Palin Hall, Sally Horsfall Eaton Centre, the architecture building, the Monetary Times building and Kerr Hall East have been cancelled for Thursday, Jan. 31 following plumbing issues at Ryerson University

The university tweeted that several buildings will also experience a “drop in temperature” until the steam leak is resolved.

A pipe burst in a mechanical room on campus, according to Toronto Fire.

Spokesperson Stephan Powell said it is not clear which building the pipe was in.

A tweet from Ryerson University reported that there was a “steam leak” in Kerr Hall.

“A few of the heads of the department and other figures came around telling us that it’s not a drill and we have to evacuate and we were standing outside and they told us you need to move from the door as well,”said Irda Hajdari, a fourth-year architecture student.

“They thought it was an explosion but it wasn’t,” said Powell.

He said the repair time depends on what type of pipe burst.

Ryerson’s Facilities and Management Development did not respond to a request for comment in time for publication.

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