eLearning platform offers courses based on one-for-one model for the underprivileged

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A charitable eLearning platform, School by K&P,  is offering both young entrepreneurs and underprivileged individuals in marginalized communities an opportunity to change the game in education—and Ryerson alumnae are making sure to leave their virtual mark.

School by K&P started in November 2018 with a mission to give back to the community. K&P stands for Kastor and Pollux, which is co-founder Dani Roche’s digital and experiences agency.

Its one-for-one model is open to all non-profit organizations that serve marginalized communities. After one course is purchased by a student here in North America, the school offers a community in need the same course for free for two months. For example, all in crisis or homeless youths in a covenant house would be able to learn from a School by K&P instructor.

Instructor Mary Young, and set designer and social strategist Dani Reynolds are both Ryerson alumnae on the team.

Young is a Ryerson fashion communication alumna who now has her own lingerie and loungewear line. In her course, All Things Sales, Young teaches students business marketing and getting products in retail stores.

On the other hand, Reynolds is in charge of photography and directs social media strategy for the company.

Motivated by her humble upbringing, co-founder Chantel Chapman said the goal is to make education accessible.

The organization provides reasonably priced video-based courses with worksheets ranging from $45 to $250. Of the proceeds, 10 per cent will go to the Kickback Project, a project founded by the school’s instructor Jamal Burger, which aims to empower inner city youngsters with footwear and extracurricular activities.

“Our one-for-one charitable model could break the gap between those who can afford an education and those who can’t,” said Chapman.

Chapman and Roche created the platform to allow creative entrepreneurs in the industry to share their success story and inspire other entrepreneurs to make a change in communities that need it the most.

“Helping people is more than just handing over some money,” said Chapman. “We have to elevate them so they can achieve the life they desire.”

Instead of hiring reputable scholars to teach, instructors from School by K&P are creators and entrepreneurs who have managed to build their own brand by themselves and paved their way into the industry.

As of now, School by K&P offers five skill building courses and have more courses that have yet to be released.

The platform also provides courses about turning your passion into your career, building a media kit, building a momentum in business, and developing one’s personal relationship with money.

These courses are not meant to replace post-secondary education, but act as a boost to traditional schooling.

“The traditional mindset is you have to graduate from a certain school, take certain courses, and make your way up the ladder to be successful,” said Chapman. “But with School by K&P, we hack the ladder.”

As an online school, School by K&P’s system relies on the internet and modern day technology.

“In our core, we crave for a community,” she said. “That is why we need to be of service and foster a place to help everybody to rise up.”

To find out more information, visit: https://www.schoolbykp.com

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