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App of the Week: Beep

By Joseph Casciaro

Have you ever been forced to throw out food because you completely overlooked the expiry date, leaving you with nothing but the angry yelling of your hungry appetite?

With Beep, your stomach will growl no more.

Beep keeps track of the expiry dates of the food you have in your house by simply scanning the barcode. The dates will be put into the app, and then send you alerts when it’s time to eat that loaf of bread you’ve been loafing on. Is it starting to get moldy? Beep will send an alert for anything past it’s expiry.

The app can be downloaded for free from the App store and Google Play, giving you 50 products to input at a time. However, anything over that amount requires a membership starting at $6.99 for three months. Having a membership will give you access to unlimited products and allow multiple people to access the same account.

Another cool feature of the app is the option to create categories in your account, so that you can separate different types of food.

Don’t be that fool throwing away good celery. Get Beep, and you’ll always have something to eat.

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