Frosh Tips: Best spots to pre-game on campus

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By Andrea Josic

Trying to live your best frosh life can be difficult when you have to commute and you haven’t made friends that live on or near campus yet. Here are some places you can pre on campus with your other commuter friends (or alone, we don’t judge!):

1. The Quad

Trinity Bellwoods is too far if you’re trying to get your pre on before the next frosh event. Grab the boys and the brews and it’ll almost feel like a Saturday afternoon at a real park.

2. Arts lounge in the Podium building

Only arts majors have access to the lounge in POD 349, but as long as there’s somebody in there, they’ll let you in. If they ask you to join, welcome them with open arms.

3. The basement of the Student Campus Centre

The couches here are pretty comfy and the gamers nearby are more than willing to let anyone hang out. If you get hungry, Oakham Café and the Ram in the Rye are steps away.

4. The basement of the RCC

Not a single soul ventures into the unknown of the RCC basement. You can probably throw a small party here and nobody would ever find out.

5. Literally any hallway in Kerr Hall

Until classes start, Kerr Hall won’t have too many people roaming the halls. More specifically, the ground floor of Kerr Hall West is a ghost town. Sure, it’s a little scary, but with the flickering lights and the odd noises, it’s almost as if you’re at a rave.

6. Outside the library

Not too busy = not too bait. This side street is usually vacant, which means you can find a semi-private spot to enjoy your frosh week. Be warned though, many dead rats have been spotted past sunset. Raise your glass for them.

7. The benches outside of O’Keefe House

Just because O’Keefe House is no longer a residence building doesn’t mean that you can’t turn up on its property. Use this as an opportunity to commemorate an old haven of first-year parties. It’s what the ghosts of student life’s past would want.

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