RSU spent $2,000 less than original HOCO budget

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By Heidi Lee

Ryerson’s Homecoming (HOCO) cost less than the Ryerson Student Union (RSU) budgeted, according to Augustine Onuh, the vice-president of operations for RSU.

On Sept. 20, Ryerson hosted its second HOCO featuring the Ryerson Rams men’s hockey team. The event included a pre-game tailgate party at Pitman Hall, with a stage, carnival games and a Red Bull truck—a sponsorship with Ryerson Athletics. 

Following the tailgate, students then marched on Church Street with a Toronto police escort—all the way to the MAC.

According to Onuh, the totalled expense of the event was $7,543.88, while the budgeted expense was $9,550.00. Meaning, the RSU saved just over $2,000.

In an interview, Onuh said the total expense of the event was “really amazing.”

“It was great to get things at a really affordable rate,” he said. “We don’t have to pay to rent the Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC).”  

The Eyeopener previously reported that a collaboration between Ryerson Athletics and the RSU is expected to continue throughout the year. As a part of this collaboration, the RSU is able to rent the Mattamy Athletic Centre (MAC) for free, said Onuh.

While the venue was free, the majority of the money went to purchasing “thunder sticks”—plastic balloons often used to make noises at live events. Overall, the RSU spent $3,470.80 in total on the thunder sticks.

Onuh said the RSU has to look at the budget “all over again” and will reallocate funds to “where it is necessary.”

“I am putting [the money] to where it should be useful.”

Joshua Wiggins, the vice-president of student life and events, said he believes this year’s HOCO was a great success. 

“The tailgate party was hosted for the students by the students’ union,” said Wiggins. 

“All the money went back to the students to make sure they had a great time, a good pep rally and a good march,” he said. 

Ashan Mahendran, a second-year graphic communication student said he went to both this year and last year’s HOCO. “The ticket was $10 [last year],” he said. “But this year it was free,” he said. 

Mahendran said he felt more connected to other students because HOCO took place on campus. 

“I had a great time with my friends,” he said. “The vibe was amazing…[It] is something you don’t see everyday.”

Both Onuh and Wiggins said they were unable to comment on last year’s HOCO, as they both did not attend. 

Onuh said that if the RSU wasn’t able to rent the MAC for free they would have gone over budget—and may have had to charge students as a result.

“But we were under budget and we were on school property,” he said. “So why charge them?”

He said the RSU will focus on increasing promotion for future events so students will know the events and services RSU have for them. 

“We are really here to engage the students [and] make their student life better.”

With files from Libaan Osman.

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