A style guide for those trying to develop their own

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By Aleezé Siddique 

Get to know your Holiday Style!

Style tips to keep you warm!” 

The Ugly Sweater is back in style!” 

But what exactly is style?

Style, at its core, is the manner in which one does…what they do. Style is everything from what you wear, what you eat, how you flip your hair to how you carry your bag. It’s how you go about your life—whether you pick a black coffee or a frappuccino. Style is the very aspect of one’s essence. It’s everything and anything, nothing and something. But developing a sense of style that is unique and reflective of your personality can be overwhelming. You might ask yourself, “where do I begin?” Well, fear no more. The Eyeopener has put together a simple guide to get you on track toward your most fashion-forward self. 

1. Know what you like

Now, this may seem easier said than done. “How do I know what I like Aleezé? What if I like everything?” See, that’s the great thing about style—whatever you like, you can wear. Today’s world is not set with specific social rules around fashion like it once was. Do you like your grandfather’s sweater-vests from the 70s? Wear them with pride! 80s mom jeans? Go ahead! An authentic 1850 horse haired crinoline skirt? I admire your strength!

2. Stay away from fast fashion

Fast fashion trends can be confusing in the early days of finding your style. As the name suggests: they’re fast and fleeting. Indulging with no sense of your own style can mean purchasing pieces that are “in” and unlikely to last or stay timeless. You want to understand your own likes and dislikes before you buy that Instagram trending Zara sweater that will rip or go out of style within two months! 

3. Don’t feel restricted to a certain “aesthetic”

When I was first discovering my own unique style at the tender age of 16, I was hella confused. With so many options, it took me a lot of trial and error to understand what I liked and didn’t, so take the time to try out everything that catches your eye. Once you settle on a particular style or look, don’t worry about following that and only that.

Your personal style can be a mixture of different aesthetics! For example, my aesthetic now is probably retired-Scottish-writer-in-the-early-20th-century, with a dash of Farrah Fawcett. I love wearing sweaters, equestrian-style blazers, corduroy trousers and tartan skirts. But that doesn’t mean I can’t throw in a tie-dye t-shirt when I feel like it!

4. Colour is not your enemy

While the good ol’ all-black look is certainly a classic, sometimes you’ll want to try new things! If you find incorporating colour into your wardrobe to be intimidating, try it slowly. Start with a statement piece; like a colourful pair of shoes or bag to go with your once-monochromatic outfit. Colour is not your enemy. While the iconic black and white look is certainly reliable, sometimes you’ll want to try new things!

5. Invest in classic pieces

To start building your wardrobe, try to purchase quality pieces that can act as essentials, like: 

A black sweater. Amazing because it can be worn with anything—you can pair it with jeans and converse for a casual look, or with a silk skirt and heels for a special occasion. Tres chic! 

A white shirt. May it be a t-shirt, a sweatshirt or a classic button-down, a sharp white top never goes out of style. Try pairing a button-down with ripped jeans, styling it in a half tuck.  

Jeans. The rule of thumb is to stay away from stores like FashionNova and to turn to places like Urban Outfitters and Levi’s. These stores have better quality denim which give jeans a nice tailored fit.

6. Don’t be afraid to play around with your fits

But stay away from ill-fits. There’s nothing wrong with buying clothes that are looser than your actual size. But the quality of the garment is what turns an otherwise fab and tailored outfit to look disheveled. Stay away from messy seams and cheap fabric; there is a thin line between oversized and baggy.

7. Your size does not determine what you can or cannot wear

Your size does not determine what you can or cannot wear.

I love wearing turtlenecks; a favourite of the sharp cheekboned European models of Instagram, which is far from my chubby, round face. Turtlenecks do nothing to shape my face or accentuate my short neck but I like them, so why not? I feel like a classy, put-together, brown Jane Birkin.

While there is nothing wrong with following a few simple guidelines, such as tips in accentuating your features or hiding your less favourable ones, don’t let them take over. In restricting yourself with so many rules, you’re taking the fun out of fashion!

7. Inspiration is everywhere

Have you ever watched a movie and loved a character’s sense of style? Or maybe you really liked someone’s fit pic on Instagram? Hit up your local mall and try recreating the look! Styling an outfit is an artistic experience—feel free to alter or change the outfit. Don’t assume something won’t look good on you before you actually try it on!    

8. Confidence is a beautiful thing 

Throwback your shoulders, stand up straight and let your hair down! Don’t let the outfit wear you. Enjoy it, feel comfortable and take pride in a style you curated for yourself!

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