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Students embrace fall tradition
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Which of these is your annual go-to seasonal obsession?

By Bashair Ali

Happy pumpkin spice season! Or otherwise known as autumn.

When the leaves start to change, so do the people. One semblance of a chilly breeze and suddenly it’s time to drop $7 on a latte or bust out the puffer jackets. The Eyeopener formulated a rundown of some popular autumn rituals students may be likely to partake in when the sun starts setting at 6 p.m. Do you relate to these five annual festive traditions?

Revamp your bedroom

After a sudden dip below 20C degrees, it is now the perfect time to pull out chunky knit blankets and redesign your room. Brown, red and orange are making a steady comeback and soon everyone’s room will look like Winners’ fall section threw up all over it. Who doesn’t love a bedroom makeover? It’ll make the time spent inside it a cozy and comforting experience and also give you a false sense of power. As autumn is also back-to-school season, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take a break from studying by redecorating your entire living space. 

On Wednesdays we wear flannels

Flannel shirts are probably one of the most on-brand Canadian statement pieces for fall. Flannels in the springtime? Questionable. It just doesn’t feel right if they are worn outside of the fall season. The flannel’s plaid fabric has a variety of colours, a reflection of the changing tree leaves—no one can doubt what season it is. It is essential to create the desired “fall look.” All that is left is a pair of Chelsea boots and an overly sized infinity scarf to really bring the look together.

Becoming a bookworm

When you type in fall trends on Pinterest, I guarantee you the majority of results will contain some variation of a hot beverage, a candle and a book. When and how does everyone suddenly become a bookworm during the fall? What makes reading a novel with wind blowing in your face an aesthetic experience? It’s nearly impossible not to see a copy of classics like the Twilight series or The Perks Of Being A Wallflower in everyone’s hands, which I’m guessing are indicators that scream we’re in autumn.

Acquiring a taste for fruit 

Pingle’s Farm Market, Sweet Ridge Farms or Pine Farms Orchard are just a few examples of what someone’s search results look like after typing ‘fall activities in Toronto.’ A big reason why farms become so popular during this time is for social media. It has become a trend to post an aesthetically pleasing photo of a pumpkin patch or a corn maze. Before doing the same, ask yourself, “Do I really have a passion for apple picking?” In some cases, yes, but for the majority of the people reading this—we all know the answer. 

Pumpkin spice-ing everything 

Does mentioning pumpkin spice make us basic? Potentially, but how could we leave out such a sacred tradition? Honestly though, who decided pumpkin spice would be fall’s chosen flavour, scent and aroma? Let’s not forget the biggest contributor to this, the infamous and notorious basic Starbucks. It’s been 19 years since they began forcing their signature pumpkin spice lattes down our throats. Whether you like the taste of pumpkin spice or not, get used to seeing food brands combine this flavour with all your beloved  products. Even pumpkin spice goldfish crackers are a thing. 

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