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Some student groups at TMU first-years should know about 

By Bana Yirgalem

As the fall 2023 semester fast approaches, that means there’s a new class of first-years coming to Toronto Metropolitan University (TMU). For many, a new change in an academic environment may seem daunting. Student groups at TMU are a great way to feel a sense of community and balance the social aspect of your university journey with your studies.

You may be wondering, “How am I supposed to know about any groups, I just got here?”  The Eyeopener has got you covered on some of the many student groups you should know about in case you want to attend events to meet people within or outside your community!

Muslim Student Association (MSA)

According to their website, the Muslim Student Association is a student-run group that represents the Muslim community at the university. Their purpose is to serve the Muslim student body while helping those that are members of the MSA with the educational, professional and religious services that they need in order to succeed at university. The MSA also has a second account called the MSA Sisters, which is an account for those who identify as female. 

The group has hosted a lot of events, including free Iftar every Tuesday and Thursday during Ramadan, two Iftar dinners (one for sisters and the other for brothers). Iftar is the meal at sundown that breaks their daily fast during Ramadan. They also hosted a brothers inter-Muslim basketball tournament where they stayed active physically as well as participated in a lecture with the focus topic: Importance of brotherhood. They post helpful ips for fasting during Ramadan during school and important facts about those who are Muslim. 

Check out the group’s website and Instagram page for more!

Black Business Student Association (BBSA)

The BBSA was founded in 2020, the year when the world went into isolation due to the COVID-19 pandemic and buildings including TMU were closed. According to their website, the BBSA “strives to increase the representation of Black students not only at TRSM but in all faculties at TMU. We aim to build student leaders and improve students’ experience at university through our events and workshops.” 

Last year, their social events included a Y2K karaoke night, a Local Black street market and an open mic night. While their professional events included a career fair, IT Speaker series and a Finance Speaker series. 

Due to the group’s hard work in uplifting and reaching to the Black community at TMU, they won the award for Most Subsidiary Club of 2023 by the Canadian Association of Business Students. The BBSA has a General Ambassador Program that starts the application process when school is about to start so if you’d like to be involved with the group, make sure you apply when the time comes this year!

Check out the group’s website and Instagram page for more!

BIPOC Students Collective 

The BIPOC Students Collective is a student group that focuses on building communities for those who identify as Black, Indigenous, or a person of colour. They always have events throughout the year for those communities and even shed light on the important days which these communities have like Black History Month and National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. 

Not only do they have great events to recognize the BIPOC community at TMU, they also post affirmations on the Instagram which can help students who identify as BIPOC feel more self love during the school

year or difficult times within their community. Not to mention, this group also plays a role as one of equity centers on campus!

Check out the group’s Instagram page for more!

International Student Support

With TMU being known for its diverse range of students, the International Student Support groups works as a platform to support those who are international students coming to Canada for their post-secondary education. According to TMU’s website, there are 4,000 students at TMU coming from 140 countries worldwide.

On their Instagram page, they share tips on how to take care of your mental health, taking care of your taxes, and the importance of having a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

When it comes to events, they offer a wide range that would benefit someone who isn’t from Canada or even the Greater Toronto Area. Some of the events they previously had are English language classes, a SIN clinic, a karaoke night and much more! The page has everything you may need to understand if you are a upcoming  international student this fall. They add a personalized touch to their posts by asking questions directed to those who are not from Canada about their homeland, which allows them have a sense of home even when they’re miles away. 

They have an office located at POD-50A in case you may want to drop in personally with any questions or concerns.

Check out the group’s Instagram page for more!

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