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Grads recommend Rye High

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By Natalie Armstrong and Kenny Yum

Before you consider using your Ryerson degree to wipe your arse, hear this.

More than nine of 10 recent Ryerson graduates would recommend this school to a friend or family member, a recent survey showed.

“We’ve never seen anything like this,” said Robert Crow, of the Office of University Advancement.

The survey, released Monday, was the first of its kinds conducted by the school since 1989.

It polled 2,459 graduates from the class of ‘96 six months after graduation. Of those polled, 1,176 graduates responded.

Sixty-two per cent would recommend the school without hesitation.

But that comes with a warning to would-be students. Thirty-seven per cent would advise potential applicants to know the program, have a career goal and prepare to work hard.

Eighty per cent would choose Ryerson again, but six per cent would choose a community college, four per cent would choose U of T and four per cent would choose Waterloo, York and Western.

Only one person surveyed would not recommend the school, said Crow. He could not say what program that person graduated from or why the graduate did not like Ryerson.

Graduates were also satisfied with the labor market.

“No other university asks what their graduates are doing six months out of school,” said Crow.

Other findings include: a large percentage of Ryerson’s graduates were finding work in their field of study. A staggering 92 per cen were employed, and almost three-quarters of graduates have full-time work. “We are very proud of those numbers,” said Crow. “These are numbers to die for.”

Sixty-seven per cent of the employed were working close to or in their specialty.

The average graduate was making $29,078.

Fifty-six per cent of graduates pan further studies within five years.

Crow said the school will continue to run the survey annually, but within 12 months of them graduating, not six.


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