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RyeSAC exec fined for storming summit

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By Deborah Gardner

For Gord Tanner, the fight to keep tuition fees down just got more expensive.

Tanner, RyeSAC VP education, was fined with trespassing last Wednesday after storming a summit at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

The summit, sponsored by Scotiabank, was held to discuss deregulation in the future of Ontario’s postsecondary schools.

“We felt we had to go in there and make a statement. We’re not allowing Scotia to call the shots,” said Tanner.

He and Wayne Poirer, chairman of Canadian Federation of Students Ontario, and students from York University and University of Guelph, protested by chanting and passing out flyers. They temporarily ended the meeting but it reconvened in another room.

“We were there for the future of education and decided to stay,” Tanner said.

Police were called in when security failed to stop protestors, and fined each $65 for trespassing. The demonstrators — including Tanner — were taken away in a paddy wagon.


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