Students say fashion studios unsafe

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By Deborah Gardner

Deborah Lewis is afraid for her safety working overnights in the fashion studio.

Students have complained to the fashion course union about the lack of security in Kerr Hall.

“There’s little security where the sewing labs are,” said Lewis, a first-year fashion student. “Anyone can walk in when I’m walking out [of the building.]”

Students are also upset because there are no phones in any labs to use in emergencies.

A new security system will be running in Kerr Hall by January. All the doors will be hooked up to an alarm in case someone tries to break in. Security card readers will be installed on three street level Kerr Hall doors: 31 Gerrard St., 379 Victoria St. and 40 Gould St.

Meanwhile, students will have to be on guard for hall wanderers.

“We’ve had people who don’t belong there,” said Sera Weiss, a second-year fashion student and student council chair. “Yo don’t want to say ‘excuse me what are you doing here?’” she added.

Last week, Lewis was walking out of the building onto Gould Street at 1 a.m. when she opened the door, a man standing outside the door slipped into the building and down the stairs.

“I wasn’t sure if he was a student or not, and I wasn’t about to ask him,” said Lewis, adding that she didn’t report the man to security.

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