Career Centre not working

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By Thien Huynh

Photo: The new cool place to hang out on campus … The Career Centre. Huh? You thought the students in line actually wanted jobs? Are you crazy? They like being unemployed.

The economy is booming and unemployment is up, so Ryerson students don’t have to look for jobs.

That’s what one Toronto employer thought after not having his calls returned by Ryerson administration concerning a job writing for a computer magazine.

An editor at Toronto Computes called Ryerson’s Career Centre in the beginning of January to post a job ad for a”technologically-savvy writer.”

He got a voicemail message referring him to Campus work link, an agency handling the majority of Ryerson’s job ads over the internet.

A call to the agency was also met by voicemail. The employer eventually posted his ads to all the schools with journalism programs.

He received six resumes from Humber College in one day. “They all sucked because of typos,” said the editor, Tim, who only wanted his first name used.

There was no response from Ryerson. Tim decided to forgo the Career Centre and called Ryerson’s journalism department for two days, only to be greeted by voicemail.

The journalism department hasn’t returned his calls and the job remains open because of a lack of talented applicants.

The Career Centre treats this as an isolated incident.

“The Career Centre cannot be blamed for this error,” Liz Devine, a director at the centre, said.

She said there has been only one mix-up with an employer since September because of a filing error.

Campus Job Link, which took over handling the Career Centre’s job postings last October, is a year old and handles more than 30,000 calls a month for 70 universities across Canada.

Selena Inshan, an assistant manager at Campus Job Link, said: “We call everybody back.”

Tim, the editor at Toronto Computes, disagrees. “The students are getting screwed.”

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