Referendum OK’d

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By: Shane Dingman

Come March, referendum-mania is going to run wild all over you.

Monday night, after a short discussion, Ryerson’s board of governors voted unanimously in favor of a student referendum on creating a student centre fund.

David Steele, RyeSAC’s v.p. administration, proposed an old-fashioned fees switcheroo.

His proposal read: “Students currently pay $30 per term for the Athletic Capital Assessment.” This means students pay the mortgage on the Ryerson Athletic Centre, which will be paid off in Winter 1999.

Steele’s plan is to divert the money from the RAC mortgage to a student centre fund.

The referendum will ask students if they “agree to convert the Athletic Capital Assessment of $30 per term … to a RyeSAC Student Centre Fund dedicated to the development of a student centre.”  

The question will be included in the ballot for the RyeSAC board of directors election in March.

RyeSAC President Angelo Deluca pitched the idea to the board, calling the referendum “approval for the concept of the student centre.”

Steele promised that RyeSAC will shoulder the election costs. He hopes coupling it with the March elections will increase turnout and lower costs.

Linda Grayson, Ryerson’s v.p. administration , introduced and endorsed the motion at the meeting. Grayson said no money will be spent on the proposed centre without a detailed financial plan approved by the board.

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