Candidates know squat about Ryerson

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By Graeme Smith

So there’s a stack of hot shots running for positions on Ryerson’s student government.

For the average student, these RyeSAC wannabes are just a bunch of schmos littering the hallways with tacky posters.

That said, how qualified are these wannabes to take over RyeSAC?

The Eyeopener took on the daunting task of giving each candidate a pop quiz to test their Ryerson knowledge.

Sadly, of the nine serious questions we asked, there were no perfect scores — no one even pulled off an A — but some answers verged on enlightening.

Questions about this fine institution we call Rye High

Name the last three presidents of Ryerson: Claude Lajeunesse, Terry Grier, Brian Segal.

No candidate got all tree, but those for VP education were swift with the acid tongue.

Erin George: “Who cares? The important thing is how [are] we going to get rid of Claude?!”

Owen Ferguson: “Claude Lajeunesse, two other stiffs in suits.”

When’s the last time Ryerson’s hockey team made the playoffs: 1988/89 season.

Michael Coburn, running for VP finance and development, is the only one who guessed close (“Not in the last 10 years”).

Of note — George: “Who?”

Ferguson: “I’m running for VP education, not VP sports.”

Questions we felt like asking

What are your political aspirations?

Prez hopeful Michael Speers: “King.”

Vladimir Spivak, running for VP administration: “President of Russia.”

Who’s your favourite Spice Girl?

Presidential wannabe Steven Wright takes this one: “Gerri or Ginger — not everyone can pull off six-inch platforms and brilliant red hair extensions while campaigning ‘Girl Power’ and gyrating on stage!”

Speers: “Ginger: she’s got big aspirations.”

Would you condone inter-office sexual relations?

David Steele, would-be president: “Sure, rock on!”

Jude Shawera, prez candidate: “As long as they clean up after themselves.”

(We didn’t mean sex in the office — not that there’s anything wrong with that.)

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